The story of a dream that fell from a cliff by car


Good evening, this is Gura. I used to talk about dreams that get lost, but this time I would like to talk about dreams that changed my outlook on life.

I often dream of making mistakes in driving a car. Falling in a rice field or hitting somewhere. Most of the time, I often see it the day before I have to carry a person to drive. I had an unforgettable dream when I was a kid. It’s a dream that my brother and I are waiting for our parents to come back in the car, and then the car suddenly starts and hurries to step on the brakes with the child’s short feet to stop the car. Even if I remember now, that dream was scary. One of the dreams I had since I became an adult and actually drove was the dream of falling off a cliff with my car, which was scary and unforgettable.

In a dream, one side is running on a cliff mountain road. The familiar large cars that always come to work on the curved road are running in a row in front of them. After that, I also ran with my tail. On my way home, I was running comfortably with a lot of greenery around me. However, when you turn the next curve, the road suddenly disappears and you fall head-on from the cliff. Perhaps because this is a dream, I was very calm, sideways, round, clinging to a chair, and desperately thinking about what kind of posture I should be able to save my life, and trying to create the best posture. And when I woke up, I was sleeping on the futon of my colleague’s house. It was a punch line. (This is also in a dream.)

Even things that are impossible in reality can be realized in dreams. This dream is a sign that the problem will be solved unexpectedly quickly. It has the same meaning when you land on a soft place after falling off a cliff, or when you are safe for some reason. Let’s proceed with confidence that it is okay as it is. I don’t know if “I slept on a futon in a person’s house” and “landed well” are equal signs. However, it seems that it is not so bad as a dream fortune-telling, so it was good for the time being, and since it was a dream many years ago, I do not remember well what kind of situation it was at that time and what I was worried about. However, after having this dream, my outlook on life changed drastically.

After having this dream, he stroked his chest, saying, “I picked up my life.” At the same time, he said, “I’m afraid of the accident because the sick person who has been sentenced to life expectancy still has more time left.” I knew it. Humans don’t know when death will come. You may suddenly lose sight of your loved ones and close friends. Of course, you have to drive carefully in consideration of the unexpected, but even if such a day suddenly comes, you should live by burning every day completely so that you will not regret it. I was made aware of it. I’ll do what I should do now. Do what you want to do now. Make your dreams come true and do your best to be filial. Since I had this dream, I immediately realized my long-cherished dream of traveling to England.

The following year, the corona became widespread, making it difficult to travel abroad. I don’t even know when I can come and go freely. I’m still glad I acted at that time. Please spend every day carefully so that you will not regret it. It’s a dream, but it’s a dream. Thank you for reading to the end 😊

Come come everybody
NHKの連続テレビ小説「Come come everybody」のしょじょ寺の歌が頭から離れない。でも歌えない。なので調べてマスターしたいと思います。英語が苦手なわたしの最高の教材はベニシアさんのエッセイです