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Hello, this is Gura.

As usual, when I tried to watch YouTube of both presidents of Liberal Arts University at 7 am, today the dialogue between both presidents and Atsugiri Jason was uploaded.

The talk between the two was not limited to investment, but it was great because it covered a wide range of topics such as thinking about savings, how to use the saved money, and education for children’s money.

As you all know, Atsugiri Jason is an entertainer of Watanabe Entertainment and the author of the book “Jason Style: How to Make Money”. And he is also a FIRE people who already have financial freedom.

Atsugiri Jason concludes the conversation at the end of the conversation.

“You have to create your own future. You just plan and realize it.” “The longer you are worried, the shorter the time you can grow.” “What do you want to be?

If you know what to do, just keep doing it. “It’s very simple, but I thought that everything was condensed in this.

Mr.Atsugiri Jason

Atsugiri Jason is now a versatile and multi-talented person, but this seems to be the result of his efforts to perform multiple tasks at the same time in his life.

While minimizing the risk, we will hone our new skills and take on new challenges.

For example, just because you don’t like your current job, instead of hitting your resignation right away, you should secure a new job and then change jobs with a smile.

If possible, you should proceed safely while securing your living base.

It seems that there were quite a few of the friends who were studying at the laughter training school together, who abandoned their work and family and played a big game.

As a Japanese social convention, having multiple hangers rather than just one may give the impression that you are not serious about things.

However, narrowing down to one carries a considerable risk in life planning and can lead to a loss of mind.

So, unless you give up on choosing a path that goes on at the same time instead of laying down your own backwaters, it seems that you will see a future where you will reach your goal someday.

This method is also practiced by my favorite investment YouTuber Ponchiyo.

The mystery of doing multiple things at the same time

When asked why they make money, both presidents often say on YouTube that “achieving financial independence gives you more choices in your life and gives you more time to do what you want.” Atsugiri Jason also seems to be thinking about investing as a way to increase his life choices.

Atsugiri Jason is said to “don’t know anyone who is stingy than himself,” but it doesn’t seem to be a pain at all when it comes to saving money.

Even if you are financially rich, if you raise your standard of living, you will run out of money again.

My hobby is stingy, so it’s fun to save money, and I’m happy that my wealth will increase again.

The food your wife cooks is delicious, and sometimes I’m happy just to go to Disneyland with my family, so I don’t need to make any more money, but I don’t need to reduce any more, so I’m still investing.

Why earn

Was there. “Satisfaction in my life is not proportional to having money.

” Also, there was a saying (laughs).

He seems to like coffee, but he seems to be fine with cheap powdered coffee from commercial supermarkets.

However, he was particular about cheese (my wife’s taste) and seemed to enjoy a well-balanced life.

He walks quite a long distance, so his shoes are worn out, but I was impressed that this is not only a savings but also a health care, so everything is really lean.

And even if the meaning of saving money is vague for now, when you can do something you want to do someday, the possibility of realizing it will expand more and more.

It’s a wonderful way of life.

Atsugiri Jason doesn’t basically give pocket money to children.

However, if he deposits New Year’s gifts from children, he will give an annual interest rate of 10%.

As in Japan, there are no classes related to money in the United States, and Atsugiri Jason says that Japanese people rely too much on school for everything.

It was said that if there is an education that you (parents) want to be like this, it is really important to educate yourself at home.

I see, that’s right. How can parents do their best for their children even though they can’t speak English?

It may be possible to grow together by showing the children how parents strive for themselves.

This time, I would like to actually read and study Atsugiri Jason’s book, and I am grateful to both presidents for giving me an opportunity to learn.

Finally, I was reminded of the president’s talk ability, which is as good as even an entertainer. As expected, I am only told that I like to speak.

Normally, you can’t do this just by liking it (laughs).

Thank you for reading until the end.