A dream that always gets lost


Hello, this is Gura. Listen to the story of the dream you had today. Some event is being held in a large parking lot, but a child (unknown child) is waiting alone in the car parked there. I’m talking to and cradling the child from the outside, but somehow I exchange the balance ball I’m riding with the balance ball that the child has. The balance ball I borrowed from the child was very well aired and of very good quality, but as I got on the concrete, it pierced and withered.

I have dreams that I often dream of. It’s a lost dream. I’m always at a loss. Even so, I have never reached my destination, and I don’t even know my destination. I’m always empty-handed and I don’t have a cell phone or coins. It can’t be helped. After waking up from a dream, I always vow to overcome the (real) sense of direction, but from the perspective of dream fortune-telling, that is not the case.

A dream that you can’t go home because you’re lost, you’re lost in the direction you’re thinking, your goals, or you’re forced to make responsible choices in your work or organization, but you can’t make a decision. It’s a dream I have when I’m at a loss. Or, when I forget what happened in the past, I have a dream like this. When you have this dream, don’t leave it as it is, but talk to someone you can trust. Sometimes you can’t think of it by

yourself, but you can easily solve it by consulting. There was. It seems that the viewpoint changes depending on the place, time, walking, bicycle or car, etc. In a dream I had a while ago, I got lost on a mountain road on a foot-rowing go-kart and asked a nearby private house to contact my husband from a landline and tell me how to get there. However, he lost his way again and was at a loss while looking at the sea at the observatory. In dream fortune-telling, if you dream of getting lost in the countryside, it implies that you are tired of the life you have endured with the people around you. Dreams of getting lost in a building can make you feel lonely in your workplace or organization. So, from this dream fortune-telling, I’m exhausted everywhere. ^ _ ^

Dreams of getting lost and unable to return home mean hesitation and impatience

The dream of walking means the course of life itself, and it also shows your physical and mental condition. It can also mean a new start or imply that life is about to open. It’s such a brilliant dream of walking, but the dream of getting lost while walking points out that there is a mistake in your approach. The direction may be slightly off. This can be a waste of time and, in the worst case, a plan failure. Please have the courage to stop. And I recommend you to check the plan again.

The dream of the forest is a symbol of the unconscious world. While it brings out unknown possibilities and abilities, it also warns of danger from places where you do not know what is lurking. Losing in such a forest is evidence that the field of vision is narrowing. If you take a broad view, you can find clues to solve the problem. On the other hand, the mountain in the dream is a symbol of getting a big goal and a noble spirit through a steep road. So a dream of getting lost in the mountains is a testament to losing sight of your goals. Or you may be telling them that you are unlikely to reach your goals as you wish. It seems that you should recheck whether there is a gap between what you are aiming for and your own ability, and whether there is a mistake in the plan for achieving the goal.

The building that appears in the dream means sociality and ascension. So the dream of getting lost in the building tells us that we have lost sight of ourselves in the social context and have lost sight of it. There may come a situation where your values ​​and work styles do not work. You may be in the midst of such a situation right now. Once again, I would like to look back on myself, throw away ideas that do not work in today’s society, and try to incorporate new values. In dream fortune-telling, if you get lost and dream of getting help, it implies that “a helping hand will appear”. Judging from the dream, in my case, it is a paddling cart, so the speed of problem solving seems to be quite slow. is.

In summary, a lost and panicked dream shows a state of great energy in the depths of the heart. A dream that is panicking in the first place is a proof that you are afraid of something unknown, and you are confused because you do not know how to control it. Also, a lost dream implies that you are lost in making a decision. So now it’s a dream to show that you’re actually at a crossroads in your life and don’t know what to do. The decision at such times is very dangerous. Calmness should be a top priority, and decisions should only be made after regaining calm. So, in conclusion, I would like to calm my mind, carry my wallet and mobile phone properly, and work hard to overcome the long-standing concern of tone deafness.

Next time, I would like to talk about my hobby, gardening.
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The story of a dream that fell from a cliff by car
The following year, the corona became widespread, making it difficult to travel abroad. I don't even know when I can come and go freely. I'm still glad I acted at that time. Please spend every day carefully so that you will not regret it. It's a dream, but it's a dream. Thank you for reading to the end 😊